zaterdag 23 februari 2008

I met Tim Holtz!!!

Woohoo!! I met Tim Holtz today IRL and he's so cool!He came to Holland this weekend and visited my local scrapstore for a demonstration and meet&greet.Of course I couldn't resist meeting him. I totally love his techniques.I was a big fan, but now I'm a huge big fan. He's so relaxed and he really loves what he's doing. And he's a great teacher. I definitly learned some awesome new tricks today.He made me a tag with his signature and ofcourse I've got our picture taken. Can't show you yet, because we weren't allowed to bring our own camera, so I have to wait for the result..
Tim told there are 43 new stamps coming up... oef... 43.... (bad for my budget...)
I feel so happy and inspired now! If I ever have the chance to join a workshop, I sure will!! Tim rocks!!

vrijdag 22 februari 2008

Two more layouts to share

Here are two other layouts I made this week...

And ofcourse you can see and read the details in my SISgallery!

woensdag 20 februari 2008

Natural beauty

This is my little niece Iris, only 11 months old and a real natural beauty.
Isn't she cute?

You can see and read the details in my SISgallery.

Thanks for looking!

dinsdag 19 februari 2008

New addiction... Dawn's digi kits!!

WOW, my first digital layouts! I'm so proud!! I just visited Dawn Inskip's blog and she's offering a free trial of Luisa debut's kit. At first I thought I had to print the items and cut them out, but it's a digital kit. Eventhough I have a lot of other stuff to do I couldn't resist playing with the kit.
And it's so much fun!! I'm off to check her store for some more great kits!!

Just a little update

I've been so busy the past three weeks that I've been a really bad blogger.
There's so much going on, that I can hardly keep up. Today I have a day off and I promissed myself to do only what I want to do, cause I need some rest and some scrapping!
I made a few sketches this morning and visited some blogs (sorry for not leaving any comments but I wanted to visit so many) to see how everybody is doing.

Saturday I joined a doodle workshop from Dawn Inskip. Although I was freezing, I must say I'm happy with my project. I will take some pictures later to show you.

Only two more days to send your Valentine layout for the contest!!

I'm very excited, because I'm going to meet Tim Holtz on Saturday. I'm a huge fan and I love his techniques so of course I want our picture taken ;)

I still have to make an appointment for the picture party, but don't worry, I'll keep in touch!


woensdag 6 februari 2008

Create balance

Create is the OLW (one little word) this week. It's about being able to create whatever you want.
Well if there is one thing I really want to or should I say NEED to create, it's balance.
Eventhough I'm a Libra, my balance in life is totally gone and that's why my body is protesting.
The girls at OLW gave me more hope and strenght to keep on going, I WILL CREATE!
If you want to read the whole journaling, please visit the SISgallery.

The picture of me is taken during a Les Mills Body Attack course. I wish I was able to sport again. But I'm afraid that will take a while, I need to create balance first and get healthy..

maandag 4 februari 2008

SDJZ challenge #9

Yeah!!! The SDJZ challenge #9 is up!!!
It's my first challenge in the SDJZ DT and I'm really excited.

The theme is Love. Who or what is your greatest love and why? Add some unique journaling to your single layout. So climb on your pink cloud and be inspired by Valentine.
You can find the details over here: Scrappen Doe Je Zo forum
Make sure you enter before Februari 21, 6pm (GMT-1).

I'm looking forward to see your take!

zondag 3 februari 2008

One more night

Tomorrow is the day, only one more night to go....
Here's a little sneek peak of my first challenge at Scrappen Doe Je Zo.

So if you want to win an awesome workshop, come back tomorrow and check it out!