zondag 23 december 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We wish everybody a very merry Christmas!!!


vrijdag 21 december 2007

Not one!

It's been four days since I last blogged and I haven't created a single LO!!!
I seriously don't know where the time goes...
I did made a couple of tags for my christmas presents, but that's it.
I'm not sharing them with you yet, that wouldn't be a surprise for my family.

Henri just came home with his giftbox from work. Lot's of food, drinks, and other goodies. And a present for me!!! I can spend some money at our local scrap store :D Yippie!!
I received my box yesterday. It's a complete meal for four including wine and every ingredient is fresh. I don't know how to translate this, but it's a Dutch meal:

1st course: Hollandse gerookte kipfilet met een sorbet van meloen en munt (chicken with melon).
2nd course: Zuurkoolbouillon met zalm, kruidnagelroom en knapperige croutons (sauerkrautbouillon with salmon and clovecream).
Main course: Duo van Veluws hert en wildzwijn met cranberry's van Vlieland (duo of deer and wild boar with and dutch berry from Vlieland).
Desert: Huisgemaakte amandelgries met warme rabarber/aardbeiensaus (almondgrits with rhubarb/strawberrysauce)
Extra: Hollands schapenkaasje met abrikozenchutney (Dutch cheepcheese (??) with apricotchutney)

I will prepare this with my Mom on monday. Very curious how it all tastes.

Well that's all for now.
I will update before christmas, but if you're not coming back to read before then: Merry christmas to you all!


dinsdag 18 december 2007

Scrap as much as possible

I finally start to relax. Almost all the christmas preparations are made and I have vacation allready (lucky me!). So it's time to sit back, relax and scrap as much as possible!
I can join as many challenges as I want to, I have two amazing kits to work with. I can crochet some borders and flowers, cause I have all the time of the world for the next three weeks.

If only that was true.... Well I do have vacation, but I have a lot of housekeeping to do. All the extra stuff, like unpacking all the kitchen cupboards and washing curtains... bleh... :(
So I made a promiss to myself. I will clean till three o'clock and start scrapping afterwards.

Yesterday I made this layout for Pencillines #63 with a picture of Henri and me. You can read the details on the SIS Gallery..

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I hope that will change for the better after christmas ;)

Back to the cleaning!


zondag 16 december 2007

Party party!

Yesterday I had this fantastic birthdayparty of my aunt.
Well girls, not many of you have ever been to a party like this, I know that for sure!

It was really awesome. Guus Meeuwis (for the non-Dutch among us, he's a famous singer here) came to perform for one whole hour and later on one of the 'Havenzangers' (yep, also Dutch but much older...) was there to sing some party oldies.
And have you ever had a 'FEBO muur' in your garage? It was absolutly great!
Oh.. and there was valid parking as well, so everybody could have a 'few' drinks :D
The best birthdayparty ever!!!

Here's a picture of me and Guus..
Hope your Saturdaynight was also great!?!

zaterdag 15 december 2007

Something to share

Finally something to share!
This morning I was playing with the new kit from 'De Creatie' and made a layout for this weeks OLW challenge.

There is so much amazing stuff in the kit, I've used the chipboard frame and the crackelpaint, some Hambly, prima tape and Scenic Route paper on a base of craftpaper.

Hope you'll like it!

donderdag 13 december 2007


Time really flies! I'm so busy with all the christmas preparations, I don't even have time to scrap! Buy (and more difficult, find..) presents, decorate the tree, writing the cards, preparing the menu, dying my hair (no, I'm not a natural brunette :) )and so on...
Yesterday I had about half an hour to scrap and I made one of Tim's tags for Xmas. That was fun! Too bad the twelve days are over, don't you think?!

This afternoon Henri was home from work and we went to get my present for christmas. I'm really looking forward to unwrap that package, even though I allready know what's in it :D

Nothing to share but I hope to make a layout Saturday. I've got so much inspiration, but no time unfortunately.


maandag 10 december 2007

I won the OLW challenge!!

WOW!!! I'm so happy!!!
I won the OLW 'Live' challenge, I can hardly believe it, isn't it great!!
There were so many wonderful layouts and they picked mine :D
I was checking the site and saw my picture as the page was loading, I checked twice before a started a little victory dance :) It was the first time I played along with this challenge, and I loved working on this page.

But there is more exiting news.... Remember the 1st Dutch SIScrop? Jo Anne and Silvia choose two starsisters, and I was one of them. For three weeks I've been keeping an eye on my mailbox and Saturday Jo Anne handed me this amazing kit! I'm totaly in love with it, but I'm so exited I don't know where to start, I want to do everything at once but I only have one pair of hands LOL.

And totaly unexpected I received the kit from 'De Creatie'. A box full with georgeos papers, thickers, crackle paint, journaling spots, stamps, prima tape and much more amazing stuff. I ordered it, but I was actually to late, so it was a big surprise when I came home Saturday. Marcia, you did a great job, I adore your kit!

Well, I did started the workshop on Saturday, but I didn't finish it. I was feeling so miserable, couldn't help it. Sorry Gerrie, I will make it up to you!

I've bought some Ranger products to make the stunning Tim Holtz tags, I really want to try the mister technique with the pearls. Have you checked out his site already? Make sure you leave a comment!

Ok, enough for now, time to scrap!!

vrijdag 7 december 2007

In the distressing mood

I'm totally in the distressing mood since I visited Tim Holtz his blog this week.
At the same time I'm in some sort of closure periode. I'm trying to leave things behind and when I read the All about Eve challenge I came up with this LO about hindsight (for the dutchies: wijsheid achteraf). If you want to read the journaling, please visit the SIS galllery, you can also see the materials I've used there.

Tomorrow I'm gonna investigate my scrap-behaviour during the 'Scrap Scene Investigation' workshop at SDJZ. I have to do some homework for that, but I'm afraid I won't finish that on time, since I'm still in bed and I can only be up for an hour or so at a time. I hope I will be able to make it to the workshop tomorrow because I'm looking forward to it for a long time.
Well, I will keep you posted, thanks for stopping by!

woensdag 5 december 2007

**OLW** Live

I have been up for half an hour now and everything start to turn, so I'd better go back to bed soon... but I wanted to share my entry for the latest OLW challenge with you first. The word is LIVE.
As some of you might know, I keep a scrap diary. Mostly for myself, but I want to share this page with you. I used October Afternoon papers (yes, again... I'm not done playing with them yet..) and some kraft paper. I've used some brown paint, felt thickers, ribbons and buttons.

I made the journaling Monday afternoon when I came home from work:
Today I'm very proud of myself. I made a very difficult decision. It was a necessary one to move on with my life. I have been juggling for a long time now, and that hasn't done me any good. I hoped that everything would be solved by just giving it time. But the last few days it became more and more clear that I had to act even though that was scary. It's not only the decision I'm proud of. I'm also proud of the way I handled it. Calm and deliberate, just like I learned in the past few months. Ok, there were a few tears, but I gained control very quickly and I accomplished what I wanted. It was only the first step and there will be a bumpy road ahead. But I can make it. I just have to let go and live my life the way I want to.
Thanks for stopping by!

dinsdag 4 december 2007

Oh no, not again!

It hasn't even been two weeks and I have a fever again.
Everything hurts and I'm so cold.
So I didn't finish any work, sorry...

Yesterday I did start with the OLW LO and I've almost completed my mini book.
I hope I can share it with you soon.


zaterdag 1 december 2007

Just one LO and a peak...

I promissed to publish my LO's yesterday, but I felt like I had a hangover from thursday eventhough I had nothing to drink.

I tried to scrap my head empty, but that didn't work. I ended up with my head still full of .. and a trashcan full of lousy LO's. But then it hit me.... what I wanted to say didn't fit a LO, so I started a minibook. All I can share with you right now is a sneakpeak of the book and a LO I made earlier this week with the amazing papers and stamps of October Afternoon...


donderdag 29 november 2007

MLS made my day

Pff... this wasn't one of the greatest days.
I just came home and checked my email. A mail from MLS turned a smile on my face, cause my name came out of a warm and cosy had and I won a card...
Usually I never win anything, so this must be my lucky day afterall :D

I received the new CMF today, so I guess I won't do any scrapping this evening.
I always love to watch all the projects and to see the new materials.
So if you will excuse me... I'm going to put on my pyama's and relax.

O and btw... there are no more seats for the Scrap-a-Licious weekend, but there is a waiting list, so maybe if you're lucky...

Tomorrow I'll share some new LO's with you...


dinsdag 27 november 2007

Looking forward...

The first appointments for 2008 are made and I am really looking forward to them :D

On saturday 19th January our DSCP Silvia is organising the second Dutch SIS crop. It's going to be a fun day again and afterwards we'll have dinner this time, which means: more time to chat!!

And I am so excited..... guess who I'm going to meet IRL?????
Corinne Delis and CĂ©line Navarro!! There will be a Scrap-a-Licious Scrapbookweekend 8/9 March, a weekend with cool mini-albums, lay-outs and technique’s, stuffed kits, prizes, wonderful food and mostly a lot of fun. Sounds great doesn't it!?! I received an e-mail yesterday from Corinne that I can join this weekend, and I can hardly wait ;P

If you are a SISter and you want to join the crop, sign in here:

I'm not sure if you can still join the Scrap-a-Licious Scrapbook weekend, but check out Corinne's blog:

I wonder who is joining as well.....


zaterdag 24 november 2007

Dutch Dare #27

My entry for the Dutch Dare #27 is an altered eggbox.
I made it for my newborn niece Indy. It matches the colors of her room.

I didn't want to use to much embellishments, because I know they wouldn't like that, so I kept it simple. I like the Ranger Memory Glass I've used. I made a collage in it with different types of Sweetwater paper and a rubon.

I gave the present allready and they liked it a lot, so no matter what, the dare is already a success :D


donderdag 22 november 2007

Black and white

For a dutch forum challenge I made this LO. We could only use two colors.
Since black and white are one of my favorites, this is the result.

I've used an old record (lifted the idea for Jo), some Elsie paper and Hambly transparancy.

I still like my bubble wrap, only now I've used the wrap itself. Made a chipboard heart and painted it, used some ribbons and felt thickers.

The vote starts 7 december...


woensdag 21 november 2007


After spending more than two days in the smallest room of the house, because of a terrible flu, I felt like doing something to gain some energy...
So I finished the LO I started at the SIS crop saturday.

The journaling is written on some sort of linnen tape and I've used Jo Anne's glimmer mist on the music paper. You can read more about this in the SIS gallery...

My next projects will be the OLW #14 and the new Dutch Dare (scrap a gift).
Hope I can find the strenght to stay up the rest of the afternoon :/

dinsdag 20 november 2007

SISters having fun

Time really flies when you're having fun!!

Saturday we had the first Dutch SIScrop in Ede.

There was lots of food and candy, lots of black and pink, there were many big sunglasses, happy sisters, photocamera's all over the place and lots, lots of scrap stuff.

I started two projects, but was to busy chatting, so I didn't finish them LOL.

In the afternoon we did a round robin. Everyone started with a background and a picture and after 5 minutes you had to pass your LO to your neighbour and so on.. That was so inspiring! Truly amazing LO were made. I ended up with this georgeos page, I really love the details! Thank you girls!

And here are some impression pics...

Me and my other STARsister:

Nancy and I:

I like to work with a lot of stuff around me:

My first blog

Here it is at last, my own blog!