vrijdag 30 mei 2008

I felt like changing the color of my blog today.
Eventhough I love black, I think white is more suiteable for this season and all the things happening right now.

Today our friends Stefhan and Cindy are getting married. I'm going to take some pictures during the ceremony and go home to print them. I made the present allready and I wanted to add some photo's. I made the present twice, since it's going to be published (in August). So I'm not able to share it with you, but I do have a really tiny little sneak... I used the Baby 2 Bride collection from Graphic 45 papers, so perfect for a wedding gift! And yes... that's some Prima tape you spot there....

Yesterday they started digging on our driveway to create a little wall of concrete. When that's done we're getting a new driveway matching the rest of the house, with dark grey and light grey stones. And then all our big projects around the house are finally finished!

And there's another private party tomorrow!! The main act is Gerard Joling! So no doubt that's going to be a lot of fun!

Enjoy your weekend :)

donderdag 29 mei 2008

My dearest

Just a quick post to share a layout I made of my dearest, because I love him so much...

Thanks for looking!

dinsdag 27 mei 2008

Only 8 more nights

Yeah! Only eight more nights till the next Scrapbook Magazine.
There will be FIVE projects of me in it!!!
I went to show the layouts, the little B2B project and a canvas this morning and they loved it. So it will take three more months for you to see them... But it's worth it!

maandag 26 mei 2008

Lots of projects

Thank you all so much for the wonderful and sweet reactions concering the G45 DT.
I'm still very happy and I can't wait to start.
Last weekend I made a very sweet little project with the Baby 2 Bride line. Hope to share it with you soon.
I also made a few layouts and this weeks OLW layout.
I'm very content with the result and I promissed not to publish them without showing them to Truike first. So I need to make another 'less pretty' OLW layout to submit :)
I find it so difficult not to share directly when I finished the project!!!
When I'm happy with the result I like to share it, but I also like my projects to be published... hmmm..

Here's a project I'm not quite happy about because I think it's not special enough, but I just adore the picture......

Ok, well that's it for today. I'm going to play with the brand new kit from De Creatie now, which is really awesome........

zaterdag 24 mei 2008

TOOOOT I'm a G45 DT member!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! I've been doing a happy dance for over an hour now!!!!
I'm so happy to become a part of this awesome design team, I just can't stop smiling :D

Guess I was just impatience, but I was so excited about this call.
I love the gorgeous papers of Graphic 45, they are awesome to play with!
Please check out the site:

I'm so proud to be in the same team as SIS Fashionista Jo Anne te Raa, because her 'mindmap' workshop was my first scrap workshop about a year ago! She is such a huge inspiration!
It wasn't untill the release of Graphic 45 that I found out about Hilde Janboers. She published some projects on the G45 site as well and is also a SISter and published in the same magazine as I'm about to be published... (only two more weeks!!). Her projects are amazing.
And have you seen Christie's work on the blog!?! I just love her projects!
Can't wait to get to know the other girls as well!!
Ladies....... congrats!! I'm looking forward to be part of the team.

Is this exciting news on a Saturday morning or what!?!
Yeah!!!!! I guess it's just a matter of time before I can share my projects with you...
Have a nice weekend :D


dinsdag 20 mei 2008


Well... Time's up......
First thing I did this morning was checking my email and the G45 blog, but unfortunatly I'm not notified. Too bad....

vrijdag 16 mei 2008


If I was suppost to pick a word for the next OLW, it would be patience.
Everthing seems to be about patience at the moment.
I submitted for the G45 DT call and I have to wait till Monday before they announce their new DT. I'm so excited, because I really really really would like to be choosen. It's my first submission, I know I don't need to expect much. But I feel comfortable with the brand and I hope they like my work as much as I love their papers.
Second thing is waiting for the magazine to come out. Pfff.... it seems like ages ago that I made the projects. I'm so curious!!
Third thing is, I started saving seriously for something big, I know this sounds mysterious, but I'm not gonna tell what it is yet. But saving is so hard! Especially when there is so many new scrapstuff. So many workshops I like to join. But I need to be strong and have patience, it's for a real good cause.
I found out you need to have patience when you're on a diet as well. I need to loose about 25 kilo's which is a lot. When I loose 2 kilo's you don't even notice! I really hate it that I gained so much weight after my physical problems. I'm not able to sport (yet, I hope) so I takes extra long. And I love the good life so much.... Well need to be strong and patience about this one as well.

I did found some rest at work right now. I accepted a new job, which is parttime and I hope it will help me gain some more energy for a quicker recovery. But again... I need to be patience about that...

Enjoy your weekend!

zondag 11 mei 2008

So cute!!!!!

Fridaynight our dear friend Wilma gave birth to a wonderful little baby boy, his name is Mees, after his granddad. And really he is the cutest boy you've ever seen. So tiny and perfect with a lot of dark hair. Absolutely adorable! I brought my camera, but I was so excited that I forgot to bring my battery... :(
Congrats sweetie, you did a great job! And Wim you supported her outstanding, congrats, you can be so proud of your wife and son!

I do have some other cute pictures of our little niece. Isn't she a doll?!?

You'll be seeing these on a project, that's for sure :D

And you know what else is for sure now?!? I'm getting published!!!!!!! TOOOOOT!!!!!!
I'm so curious which projects they choose and how they'll look in a magazine. Only a few more weeks so keep your eyes open ;).

I'm so happy everythings is going better right now.
Have a happy mother's day!!

donderdag 8 mei 2008

I just love spring

The weather is sooooo lovely here, it's finally spring!
I just love the light and the warmth, the days are getting longer. It's no longer dark when I go to work or when I get home. That really cheers me up! Suddenly I have much more energy, which is a wonderful feeling.
Winter isn't really my favorite season. Don't get me wrong, I love the cosyness of the logfire, the candles, the holidays but most of the time I feel so tired..
So I'm glad the sun is shining bright and that it's 25 degrees :)

I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can so I won't be sharing much scrapwork with you. I am still working on some 'big' projects, which I can share after May 19th.
I have a HUGE TOOOOOT coming up, but I'm not sure if I can share it with you yet. But I can say this.... my scrapgoal for this year is reached allready :D
After Mother's Day I'll share the cutest pictures with you, but I know Mom visits my blog as well and I want to keep them a secret.
I hope all you Dutch girls enjoy the weather as well, and I'll be seeing you on the release of Scrapcards2!

donderdag 1 mei 2008

OLW Grow

I'm working on so many projects at the moment, but here's one to share.
It's this weeks OLW with the word GROW.
All Prima stuff on this one. I used my awesome new clear stamps to create the swirls.
The butterflies are also stamps on the Prima paper which I cut out. I just love the heavenly green flowers, there's some sort of wax layer with glitter on them. It doesn't really show on the picture, but if you see them, you'll know what I mean.

Thanks for looking!