zaterdag 23 februari 2008

I met Tim Holtz!!!

Woohoo!! I met Tim Holtz today IRL and he's so cool!He came to Holland this weekend and visited my local scrapstore for a demonstration and meet&greet.Of course I couldn't resist meeting him. I totally love his techniques.I was a big fan, but now I'm a huge big fan. He's so relaxed and he really loves what he's doing. And he's a great teacher. I definitly learned some awesome new tricks today.He made me a tag with his signature and ofcourse I've got our picture taken. Can't show you yet, because we weren't allowed to bring our own camera, so I have to wait for the result..
Tim told there are 43 new stamps coming up... oef... 43.... (bad for my budget...)
I feel so happy and inspired now! If I ever have the chance to join a workshop, I sure will!! Tim rocks!!

3 opmerkingen:


ooooh klinkt gaaf joh! fijn dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad! :-) groetjes marije.

Je@net zei

Super joh!! Kan me voorstellen dat je genoten hebt!!
En wat een gave nieuwe producten komen er weer van hem aan hè!!

Ann(i)e Hafermann zei

you lucky lucky girl.....wish was there!!
hope you are doing well and feeling good!!