vrijdag 29 augustus 2008


I love my new computer, because he's much faster than the old one, but today I seriously considered throwing him out of the window! ARGH....##
When I bought it there was allready software on it, but I'm definitely not used to work with those programs. I also bought Photoshop Elements recently but my old programs seems so much easier to use!
I had to enter a blog entry for G45 and I made this workshop... yeah the one I told you about weeeeks ago. But I still wasn't able to get the workshop together. I have Wordperfect now instead of MS Word and now I HAD to deal with PSE. I needed to adjust the size of the pictures, and I thought I did, but I just couldn't upload them.... Well I still don't know what I adjusted, but it wasn't the size, that's for sure.. Good thing I figured it out now. It took me over four hours!!! but now I got it. I must be possible to adjust all the pictures at once, but I'll deal with that option later. For now my workshop is on the way.
Here's a little (yeah I did it) peak:
I also managed to edit the pictures of these projects...
A gift box for a babypresent made with the Baby2Bride collection from Graphic45. The details are on their website.
Prima has a new sketch for September and here's my take:
I've used the Urban Cosmos papers and buttons, some studs (not always easy to use as well) and thickers, oh and ofcourse... MM tiny alpha's :D
More detailed pictures are in SISgallery.
Well, that's all for now. Have a nice weekend!

donderdag 28 augustus 2008

Back to School!

I'm so excited! I just registered for the Bad Girls Design Academy!
When I was watching pub calls this morning I found this awesome competition from Bad Girls Kits, they are looking for a TOP DESIGNER. On September 8th the classes start and it will be a six week semester.
Although I have to admit I really really really would love to win the big prize, I'm also looking forward to learn a lot from these fabulous ladies, oh sorry.... BAD girls ;)
Everybody here at home seem to think I'm good with computers, but I'm not able to resize this blinkie so it will fit my side bar, gonna work on that one.
If you like to join, you can register till September 7th....

When I came home from work, I found a package from De Creatie. I ordered the new Rose Moka there. Two yummie paperlines: the smashing Appel de la Nature and the timeless Pause Cafe.
I think they are awesome, and I love the mini alpha's who match the papers perfectly..
Since I didn't feel like walking downstairs to take a picture, they can look a little blurry, but trust me... they are not!

No projects to share today (to much inspiration, so I keep on scrapping and will take pictures later) but there's something coming up soon!


Starting to feel better

Everything still hurts, but I'm starting to feel a little bit better.
Last night Henri and I went to the Dutch version of the musical Fame and it was a blast!
Totally loved it! It really did me good, we had a great time. It was a big surprise when we found out that we had front row seats! Awesome!!

If anyone knows how I can add a Youtube movie to my blog, please let me know...
All I can share with you right know is a link to the trailer:

Go have a look!

woensdag 27 augustus 2008


I was doing so well recently and now this terrible flu has taken over control :(
Everything hurts, even when I blink my eyes...
I did went to work today but I'm glad I'm home now.
Yesterday I did some scrappin' but I feel to miserable to take pictures.
So I'll update later this week.


vrijdag 22 augustus 2008

More projects to share!

Wow, just can't stop blogging this week! I've got some more projects to share :)
This layout is made with the new Playtimes Past collection from Graphic45. It only took me two sheets of paper, I can't believe it! Besides that I've used some black cardstock, AC thickers and.... yeah, again, MM tiny alpha's!

This layout is completely Pink Paislee, Office Lingo collection. I love the background paper, so I didn't use much other material... The picture is showing Iris with my mother-in-law.

Our best friends were the first couple among us to have a baby, so we had all had to pose with the little boy. He is so cute! All October Afternoon paper on this one....

And some more October Afternoon.... Iris looooooves strawberries and she prefers to stuff her mouth full of them :)

Thanks for looking, have a nice weekend!!


donderdag 21 augustus 2008

New G45 in store now!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!
The beautiful new lines 'Botanicabella' and 'Playtimes Past' from Graphic45 are here!!

This morning I went to Paper & Pictures to pick up the Scrapagenda 2009 (wow, I'm so proud!!) and they are finally there! Ofcourse I had the privilege to work with them allready, but the papers are absolutely gorgeous. Not only to create layouts with, but also to make gifts and cards (the little dresses are so cute...). (click the picture to enlarge)

This week I made this layout and card with the Playtimes Past papers:

Bye the way... did you know there are new tiny alpha's from Making Memories again!?! Just can't do without them :)


dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

New website

For those who do not know yet... my boyfriend Henri is reed thatcher (rietdekker for the dutchies among us). I think it's a beautiful profession, a real handicraft.
Together with 'the boys' of Rietdekkersbedrijf Dekker he gives the most amazing houses a rich and wealthy appereance. The most famous 'house' he ever did was the entrance of De Efteling.
When you live in The Netherlands, you've propably been there once or twice. Isn't that entrance impressive!?! ( I must admit I'm so proud of him :D )
He recently build a whole new website and it turned out awesome. It's now possible for us to add and edit our own pictures and I totally love the new colorscheme.
Please be so kind to have a look, I'm really curious what you think of it....


maandag 18 augustus 2008


Several weeks ago I received my first 'real' scrap-assignment. It was to create a layout and a card for the Scrap & Cards Agenda, based on a sketch.
It was pretty exciting for me because it was the first time I HAD to create. Truike gave me some awesome products to work with. Personally I'm very happy with the result and very proud to be 'JULY'.
This week is the release of the scrap- & cards agenda 2009.
You can order it at Paper & Pictures

Have fun!!

zondag 17 augustus 2008

All good things come to an end..

It's been pretty quiet on my blog lately... I know...

Henri and I have really enjoyed our holiday and did nothing besides that. The first week the weather over here was tropical, so we had the chanche to enjoy our beautiful new garden. The second week we spend on Gran Canaria in this wonderful hotel..

This last week we tried to catch as many sunrays as possible. Went to Breda (lovely city by the way), to Nijmegen, and celebrated Indy's first birthday!

So tomorrow it is all over.... We have to get back to work.....
Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but these past three weeks were awesome and I wish they could last forever.....

Hope you had a great time as well!


PS: Have you seen the latest Scrapbook Magazine? Isn't Iris a doll?! The G45 projects are postponed till propably the next magazine, sorry for that. But I'll make sure to show you some stuff this week!