maandag 28 september 2009

busy as always

yeah I know... it's been over a week again since I've blogged.
I'm busy as always. Made some cards for Cards Only and I'm working on my projects for the Scrapbook Magazine already. Also busy preparing the workshops at Paper and Pictures so there's not a lot to share at the moment.
I do have two layouts but I need to photograph them first.

Today the freight finally came in, but I was alone so everything is still in boxes. I dragged them inside and I can tell you that 26 boxes of scrapbook material is enough excersize for one day... pff... But I know there are some awesome collections in there and that makes it ok :D

Yesterday Henri and I went shopping for my birthday present. It's the first year he's not surprising me with a gift, I choose it myself. He knew what he wanted to give me, but we hadn't seen it live yet. So we went together and now I can't wait to open it ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with the pictures of my Lily Bee layouts...


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Ingrid zei

26 dozen? Daar kan geen training bij de sportschool tegen op! LOL! Ben benieuwd naar de inhoud van de dozen. Ben ook wel benieuwd naar het verjaardagskado dat je hebt uitgekozen.