woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Some air....

The past few days I've been busy showing my new collegue Karin around in the store.
We had so much work to do and so many awesome new things coming up, that we definitly needed some extra hands. So Karin is going to take the load of things for me. She's going to assist us with the administration and the (new)webstore. I can assure you, that's a huge relief!
It seems like Karin has the same 'drive' as we have, so welcome to the 'girlz' girl!

Magnolia event is approaching and we are busy preparing everything. It's so excited that there's another unique stamp coming up!

Ofcourse there is the release of ScrapCards 3 'Cards & Gifts' first, which is also very excited. I've created a gift and some cards for the book myself and it will be the first time my work is published in a BOOK! And a little birdy told me that our own Sammie created the project on the cover!!

I'm working on my husbands computer right now, so I can't show you pictures, but I'll make sure to share something before this weekend!


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