donderdag 29 november 2007

MLS made my day

Pff... this wasn't one of the greatest days.
I just came home and checked my email. A mail from MLS turned a smile on my face, cause my name came out of a warm and cosy had and I won a card...
Usually I never win anything, so this must be my lucky day afterall :D

I received the new CMF today, so I guess I won't do any scrapping this evening.
I always love to watch all the projects and to see the new materials.
So if you will excuse me... I'm going to put on my pyama's and relax.

O and btw... there are no more seats for the Scrap-a-Licious weekend, but there is a waiting list, so maybe if you're lucky...

Tomorrow I'll share some new LO's with you...


3 opmerkingen:

judith zei

That is good news for you Antoinette! But he, you maybe luckier than you think, after all you were our STAR SIS-ter :) and in the catwalk :) Enjoy the cmf I am looking forward to see more LOs!

Mandy zei

Glad we made your day girl (the card will be sent soon!), it was great to meet you at the SIS-crop, love your scrapstyle!

Silvitanova zei

YEH, I've won a card to!!So, cool!