dinsdag 20 november 2007

SISters having fun

Time really flies when you're having fun!!

Saturday we had the first Dutch SIScrop in Ede.

There was lots of food and candy, lots of black and pink, there were many big sunglasses, happy sisters, photocamera's all over the place and lots, lots of scrap stuff.

I started two projects, but was to busy chatting, so I didn't finish them LOL.

In the afternoon we did a round robin. Everyone started with a background and a picture and after 5 minutes you had to pass your LO to your neighbour and so on.. That was so inspiring! Truly amazing LO were made. I ended up with this georgeos page, I really love the details! Thank you girls!

And here are some impression pics...

Me and my other STARsister:

Nancy and I:

I like to work with a lot of stuff around me:

4 opmerkingen:

Silvitanova zei

Welcome in the blog-world!
We had a great time saturday, it was great meeting you!!

judith zei

Hi Antoinette, loved meeting you and hope to see you soon!! Love your blog, I will come back for more! hihi

Mexx zei

here a comment from the other star sister hi hi, we had a great time I hope you feel better today, and i love your blog and the last lo what you made inspired by jo ann she is so sweet, and made beautiful thing i think soon i follow a workshop by here i hope now see you later my twin star sister hi hi

Je@net zei

He Antoinette, good to see you in Blogland!! LOL
And yeah, we had a great time in Ede last saturday!!!
Already looking forward to see you all in januari!!!