maandag 3 maart 2008

Time really flies!

Can't believe it's allready March, I'm so busy that time really flies!
If I can find the time, that will be my title for the next OLW....

Only five more nights till the Scrap-a-Licious weekend!! I'm so excited to meet Celine. It's gonna be the first night without Henri since we've met so I hope I'll get through the night without him. Luckily I'll share a room with 4 SISters so I'm not alone!
Corinne send a list with stuff to bring, quite a lot... We need at least 33 pictures!

Still don't have the picture of me and Tim!, guess I need to be patience...


4 opmerkingen:


de tijd vliegt inderdaad voorbij..maart alweer...jeetje! heel veel plezier dit weekend meid! maar dat gaat vast wel lukken!!! groetjes marije.

Silvitanova zei

Ik heb erg veel zin in dit weekend!!!

Je@net zei

Veel plezier Antoinette!! Maar dat gaat vast wel lukken ;-)

*Fauve* zei

WOOHOO i am way excited for this weekend girl.Can't wait!