maandag 17 maart 2008


I really don't know what's going on. Everything happens so fast, that there's hardly time to enjoy!
I still haven't told you about the scrap-a-licious weekend, which was awesome, but very exhausting! I had a great time with the girls and was so glad to meet CĂ©line, Nat and Anke IRL.
It was good to see my SISters again, Fauve, Silvia, Natasja, Rianne, Linda and of course Corinne it was so much fun!
Here are some pictures:

Well so far the scrap-a-licious weekend, I'll be back tomorrow with the new OLW and some pics of last weekend....


4 opmerkingen:

Natasja zei

We had so much fun!! Great you were there!

Could you please email me the pictures with me on it?!

vinkie zei

Kan wel zien dat je een leuk weekend hebt gehad, super. Wil ook eens wat vaker buiten de deur gaan scrappen maar dat is soms wel moeilijk met 2 kinderen en een man die 6 dagen in de week werkt.

GR. Natasja

Nat zei

It was so much fun to see you!!! Huge hugs!

Silvitanova zei

Great pictures! We've had a fab time over there. Hope to see you again soon!