woensdag 2 juli 2008

I feel so sad....

I'm so sad... I feel like crying all and I can't focus on things right now.

My grandma broke her ankle three weeks ago and her condition is deteriorating real fast ever since. It's so sad, it breaks my heart to see her this way. She's really ill and isn't getting better anymore. She's is fighting and resisting but uselessly.. It's just a matter of time untill she'll pass away.

I said farewell to her this morning, because I don't know if she'll be there tonight. She hasn't eaten for over a week and can't drink anymore. She can't talk and doesn't respond anymore. If we're lucky we can see her eyes open just a little when we talk to her.

It upsets me that there is nothing I can do! It hurts to see my Mom cry without being able to do something.

I feel so so sad.....

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Cassie zei

I am so sorry.
Sadness hurts so bad.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers.