dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

New website

For those who do not know yet... my boyfriend Henri is reed thatcher (rietdekker for the dutchies among us). I think it's a beautiful profession, a real handicraft.
Together with 'the boys' of Rietdekkersbedrijf Dekker he gives the most amazing houses a rich and wealthy appereance. The most famous 'house' he ever did was the entrance of De Efteling.
When you live in The Netherlands, you've propably been there once or twice. Isn't that entrance impressive!?! ( I must admit I'm so proud of him :D )
He recently build a whole new website and it turned out awesome. It's now possible for us to add and edit our own pictures and I totally love the new colorscheme.
Please be so kind to have a look, I'm really curious what you think of it....


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