maandag 22 september 2008

Missed the deadline!

I can't believe it! I miscalculated the Bad Girls Academy time zone and now I too late and dismissed.... :(
I made this layout for the class about mixing patterns in the colorscheme of the picture.
I choose the colors pink, black, white and a little bit of brown with a touch of silver and used 4 different patterns.

For a list of materials, please check out my SIS gallery
Thanks for looking and have a nice week!

4 opmerkingen:


Great layout!!
I love the color combo!

NancyJones zei

OH NO I hate you missed the deadline this rocks. I can never figure out when anything is with time zone things I guess i just need to align my wall with many clocks and the appropriate zone above it haha

LOVE this page so bright and colorful. you rocked it

Anoniem zei

What a bummer... such a great page too. Love the pic and the colors. Wow!

Karen zei

That stinks about missing the deadline. It's a great layout!