woensdag 17 februari 2010

Some things to cheer up

The snow was melting today and the sun tried to get through the coulds.
It won't be for long, but it's a start....

Yesterday Kim, one of our new Papergirlz, came to the store to get all the things for her workshop 'Mini Tote & Album' on March 6th.
We have been waiting for weeks and yesterday the thick felt for the tote finally arrived. So she can start creating the tote at last. Ofcourse the idea was there all along and now I've seen all the materials together I'm totally in love.
I'm sure it's going to be an awesome workshop. So if you want to create a fabulous tote 'a la Kim' for yourself (have you seen her bag in Scrapbook Magazine?!?!) hurry up, cause the amount of felt is limited (and with that the spots as well).
You can sign in here
We'll make sure to post a sneak asap...

Today I've counted and priced all the new Martha Stewart punches. Pffff... that wasn't easy... So many new punches!! I have no time to update the webshop. So if you'd like to see them, you'll have to come over...

And I'm sure I can't find time tomorrow either because right after closing time today a very large shipment of 19 boxes came in from Amerika.
I always love opening all the boxes. Ofcourse I know what's coming, but it's still a little party when you can hold the hottest stuff in your hands ;D
So tomorrow I'll be busy unpacking and pricing.
In the shipment is also Nikki Sivils, a new brand in our store. Very cool and I know Lea and Ingrid already created stunning layouts with these collections for the next Scrapbook Magazine (no29: April/May).

About the SBM29, Fons our photographer was in the store today to shoot all the beautiful new projects of all the Papergirlz. Amazing layouts and gorgeous mini albums, great job girlz!

This week I will publish the names of the new Papergirlz in the newletter, so stay tuned!


3 opmerkingen:

scrappingtwins zei

nou ik ben benieuwd vrijdag, dan kom ik jullie helpen om wat nog niet klaar is te prijzen en in de winkel te krijgen.

tot vrijdag


Hanneke van der Linde zei

Zou willen dat ik "even" kon komen.... wil ook al het nieuwe zien... helaas zit dat er voorlopig even niet in!
Ben ontzettend benieuwd naar SBM29... klinkt veel belovend, niet waar??


Kim zei

Hij wordt zo leuk!!! Zo leuk!!!!
Vond het helemaal super om zo een dag in de winkel te zijn om mee te helpen met de voorbereidingen.

Nou, ik ga weer snel aan de "naai"... Tot snel!