vrijdag 7 december 2007

In the distressing mood

I'm totally in the distressing mood since I visited Tim Holtz his blog this week.
At the same time I'm in some sort of closure periode. I'm trying to leave things behind and when I read the All about Eve challenge I came up with this LO about hindsight (for the dutchies: wijsheid achteraf). If you want to read the journaling, please visit the SIS galllery, you can also see the materials I've used there.

Tomorrow I'm gonna investigate my scrap-behaviour during the 'Scrap Scene Investigation' workshop at SDJZ. I have to do some homework for that, but I'm afraid I won't finish that on time, since I'm still in bed and I can only be up for an hour or so at a time. I hope I will be able to make it to the workshop tomorrow because I'm looking forward to it for a long time.
Well, I will keep you posted, thanks for stopping by!

5 opmerkingen:

angel zei

pretty!!! the lo ánd the pic!
another dutchie

Jan zei

Love the layout. Hope you feel good enough to get to the workshop--it sounds like a good one.

ScrapFairy zei

love the lo and the pictures are so pretty.
Have a great day.

Mika zei

Great work, looks good. Mika

~Nancy~ zei

Wat balen he dat die griep zo lang blijft hangen!! Ik loop er nu al bijna 2 weken mee rond en elke keer komt er wel weer iets nieuws bij! Hoop in elk geval dat jij je iets beter voelt inmiddels en dat het ook goed is gegaan met de workshop!!!! Je layoutje is super..en wat een mooie foto ook zeg!!!!

XX Nancy