zondag 16 december 2007

Party party!

Yesterday I had this fantastic birthdayparty of my aunt.
Well girls, not many of you have ever been to a party like this, I know that for sure!

It was really awesome. Guus Meeuwis (for the non-Dutch among us, he's a famous singer here) came to perform for one whole hour and later on one of the 'Havenzangers' (yep, also Dutch but much older...) was there to sing some party oldies.
And have you ever had a 'FEBO muur' in your garage? It was absolutly great!
Oh.. and there was valid parking as well, so everybody could have a 'few' drinks :D
The best birthdayparty ever!!!

Here's a picture of me and Guus..
Hope your Saturdaynight was also great!?!

3 opmerkingen:

Mika zei

What a great saterday night, Love the pic of you and Guus! Hope to see you around at Mika

Silvitanova zei

Sounds like a very posh party!
Cool :)

Natasja zei

wow don't you just love Guus!! I know i do, hihihi