woensdag 17 december 2008

Now what!?!

I seriously have a dilemma....
Do you ever think it's a pity to cut into a paper because it's so beautiful?
Wel I do....
Yesterday I went to Paper & Pictures to get some new material for the next Scrapbook Magazine. Miranda made me a bag with the most gorgeous new papers of this moment and gave me free hand on the design. I know, it's just awesome to get an assignment like that, but seriously.... I think it's a shame to cut them! I've spend all afternoon and evening staring from one paper to another. Thinking about the perfect design to go with the papers. Will it be a mini? Or better some clean layouts, so you can still see the papers. Shall I alter a project or create something technical? I really haven't got the remotest idea.....

2 opmerkingen:

marije zei

zo heb ik hier nog hele pakketten liggen, omdat ik het zo mooi vind en het zonde vind om ze aan te breken.hihihi

jolan zei

Gaat vast goed komen..... (lol) ben benieuwd wat je ga inleveren voot het nieuwe nummer van SBM. groetjes Jolan en fijne dagen