maandag 26 januari 2009

Back on track

So... I'm finally back on track after feeling sick and miserable the past few days...
Blèh.. I hate being ill and not being able to do what I want... Didn't even feel like scrapping, so you can imagine it was BAD :(
Luckily I'm feeling much better now and the sun is shining, which always cheers me up.

My workshop is in less than two weeks and I've already created my 'prototype'. It makes me nervous when I work with the final materials and I can't try something new, because I'm not allowed to ruin the materials. So I've used my own materials to create a prototype and I'm very happy with the result. I'll need to use some other colors for the workshop itself, but I promis you... it will be a 'keeper' :) There are a few spots left and we are making two totally different mini's, so if you feel like it....


Zo dat klinkt inmiddels wel vertrouwd. Want Paper & Pictures en Mini albums dat hoor bij elkaar! Aan het einde van deze dag heeft mini geen geheimen meer voor je. Twee projecten gaan we vandaag maken. Allebei compleet verschillend van elkaar. Denk aan verschillend materiaal, maten en technieken!
Zaterdag 7 februari 10.00 – 15.30 uur

.... follow this link: Paper&Pictures

This Wednesday there will be another sketch over at Graphic45 and I'm leaving you with a sneak.... thanks for stopping by!