woensdag 4 maart 2009

Bad blogger :(

I'm sorry I've been a very bad blogger recently. There are so many things going on right now, I can barely find the time to blog.
Remember the MME layout I told you about last week? I finished it and I'm very proud of the result, so I showed it to Truike and she kept it for Scrapbook Magazine. That means you'll have to wait a few months to see it. I also created two more layouts with one of the new Pink Paislee collections. Not available in stores in the Netherlands right now, but on his way. By the time they will be published you'll be able to lay your hands on that awesome collection. I had so much fun, I've used all the scraps and I will definitely buy more.
I do have a Graphic45 layout to share, but I left my camera at my Grandma's..... which means I'm not able to take pictures at the moment.
I did add a slideshow to my blog (on the right). Only I have no idea how to resize it, so that it will fit my frame :(

Also we have a lot to take care about for the wedding. Since we'll renovate our bathroom before the wedding, I want to make sure everything is taken care of before we start renovating. This weekend Henri and I went to Amstelveen and he tried on this absolutely stunning suit. He looks soooo handsome! Ofcourse I'm not gonna tell you the details ;P. We're also looking for gifts and we've picked out a card. (No... I'm not going to make them myself....) Besides that I'm orientating on the flowers and I've decided I want other shoes. Mine came with the dress, but I like them more special, hehe :D.

This weekend at Paper & Pictures there's a huge Magnolia event. Hope to see you there!

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**SCRAP-GEK** zei

hoi Antoinette, gaaf dat je een slideshow hebt joh! toppie! ik heb er ook 2 op mijn blog! de size kun je heel makkelijk aanpassen hoor! je gaat naar hun site, daar kies je jou slideshow, je kiest size in het rijtje (recht van de pagina) en daar kun je dan de maten veranderen! ik heb op mijn blog:

style: sliding
size: width 169
height 262

kun je allemaal heel makkelijk anpassen! succes ermee! enne...ik ben natuurlijk super benieuwd naar al je creaties! :-) tot gauw maar weer! groetjes Marije.

marije zei

goh ik ben benieuwd naar je creaties! en wat een geregel voor je bruiloft allemaal!maar wel leuk lijkt me!. trouw je hier in 't veen?en zo ja wanneer, dan kom ik stiekem eventjes gluren!
kom je ook een x gezellig croppen bij make-it? lijkt me leuk om je een x in het echt te zien en te spreken. milene komt ook regelmatig, ik geloof dat jij haar ook kent toch?