vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Don't move...

As long as I don't move and don't eat, I can manage....
And believe me, if I can't eat, there something terribly wrong.
It wasn't such a good idea afterall, going to work on Wednesday. Maybe if I'd stayed at home one more day, I would have felt a lot better than I am now.
Yesterday was really aweful, I had to stay in bed all day and couldn't even walk or turn around. Right now I can manage to sit up as long as I don't move too much.
Good thing I have my laptop to keep me company today so I played a little with my blog background ;)

I was suppost to go out yesterday with some of the girls. But instead of eating sushi and other asian yummies, Henri made me vegetable soup.
After having only one 'Sultana' yesterday I really needed something salt and light. Although Henri's had a long day at work, he went to the store and bougth some fresh ingredients and made me soup! No not just out of a can, but homemade. It was delicious and just what I needed to gain some strength.
You may think, what's so special about it? Well.. He never makes soup. The proof is in the fact that it looks more like macaroni today because of the large amount of vermicelli in it :D but you don't hear me complaining! I actually think it's kinda cute.. Thank you sweetie, you're the best!

I planned on giving the girls a little something, but they'll have to wait till I get better...

Enjoy your weekend and don't let the flu get to you!

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scrappingtwins zei

Nou je mag de buikgriep zelf houden, het heerst wel erg, in de apotheek komen heel veel mensen medicatie hiervoor halen.
Hopelijk knap je snel op.

groetjes en veel liefs de twins

ps. je hebt een prachtige blog lay-out gemaakt.