donderdag 26 juni 2008

I want to much....

Bleh... I'm not feeling well. I guess I crossed the line again and I'm instandly warned.
I have to take is easy and most important feel at ease when I take it easy.
I constantly feel the rush like I NEED to do something. There's just no rest. Not in my body and not in my mind....

So I try to look at the good things that happened yesterday and memorize them instead of the pain. And of course there is always something good that happens and otherwise I'll make something good happen :)
Yesterday I finally bought Photoshop Elements, just a present for myself to edit pictures and make myself a little slimmer since I don't seem to loose any weight anymore.
This morning I took my latest projects and showed them to Truike. She loved them all so I left them at the store so she can take pictures for the next Scrapbook magazine. I'm not sure if she's gonna use them all because it were 7 projects at once and she already had a couple of projects.
The new magazine is appearing the first week of August.

So now I can focus on the gorgeous new papers of Graphic45 they are absolutly stunning! Don't miss the sneak on July 1st!


4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Good luck with's an amazing program once you learn how to use it...and it's a great present to yourself!


TracyP zei

Oooh Great present to "You"!!!! Thanks for the heads up with sneak July 1st!!! I am excited:):)

PetiteCheri zei

Sorry you are not feeling well Antoinette. Try and take it easy so you can get better. Congrats on PS, I just love mine.

Anoniem zei

You'll love PSE....totally addicted. Can't wait to see what you create. Feel better soon. Just remember, nothing is more important than you physical and mental health. Great blog by the way