zaterdag 7 juni 2008


Look what I found in the mail today.....
It's a box full of Paper Valise goodies! Flowers, buttons, ribbons, pins, tags, two adorable little suitcases and all in my favorite color.... PINK!!....
What a big surprise! I won the OLW in November last year but I never received the PAper Valise package. I thought that there must have gone something wrong shipping the package and suddenly, out of the blue (ehm.. pink) there it was.... so much yummie stuff!

I promissed to share a G45 layout with you as well....
I've used the Baby 2 Bride collection and my new sewing machine :)

Thanks for looking, enjoy your weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

Lu zei

there is nothing like a box of goodies.

NancyJones zei

OHHHHH love the box of goodies! Cool layouts too!

Erin Glee zei

Pretty Pink box of fun.. congrats!
Love your "Spooky" lo using Baby to Bride(to Pet)!