maandag 2 juni 2008


I wish the weather could stay like this.
Right now, the sun is shining, there's just a little breeze and the temperature is lovely. Unfortunately there's rain and thunder on the way.
Like I told you, we had a wedding last Friday and the bride was really shiny like the weather right now. Isn't she pretty! And look at Stefhan, he was looking so handsome in his suit.
The party was great! Lot's of foods and drinks, awesome DJ's ( and a perfect location.
The party with Gerard Joling was also a success. He was really in the mood and everybody was singing along. I don't have pictures, because I wanted to party instead of watching my camera all the time :)
Good thing we had some time to recover yesterday ;)
I'm working on a new G45 layout right now, hope to share it with you tonight.

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Je@net zei

Wat een prachtig bruidspaar! Schitterende foto hoor!
Ga jij nog naar de Scrap-A-Ganza Antoinette? Zou leuk zijn om elkaar weer te zien!