donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Day four, on schedule

Here I am, having breakfast again. I was complaining about my two cracottes with sandwichspread, but this moring I can only have ONE with some 20+ cheese....
But the good news is, I'm on schedule! I've done this book several time allready and I know, when I do everything by the book I can loose 2,2 kilo's in the first week. I lost 1,7 in just four days, so no complaining about that ;)

Since we're so busy at the store I barely have time to feel hungry so that helps.
The new webshop is going to be awesome, it looks fantastic and has many cool features! We are so proud of it!
Make sure you don't miss the grand opening next thursday 8pm!

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LOVE the appearance of your blog! Coming back to check out more.