maandag 4 oktober 2010

Not one single picture but a long post

Not one single picture of the greatest weekend of the year!
I've been so busy teaching, assisting and taking care, I didn't even took the time to take pictures! I hope the girlz have been taking pictures for me....

I really had a great time, although I must admit I'm exhausted by now.
But it's my day off so now I have time to sit down and think of all the wonderful moments during the event.

It was my first big event and there was even more to it than I expected. But it was also much more fun than I expected. People asking for my signature and taking pictures and all the queens, princesses, dutchesses and lady's have been so nice to me! Thank all of you for this wonderful weekend!

Thursday Jan, Matthew and Don from Bo Bunny arrived and it was a real pleasure meeting them. After talking to Jan I really think I need to do some yoga excersises again :). Don I hope you've enjoyed yourself, you're the best taperunner ever :).

Friday I met Jill and Kimber (hi girls, especially in English for you ;P ) and I'm glad I had the chanche to chat with them for a while (never will forget about the donkeybrigde, hehe). They're so nice and talented with such a sence of humor. It took me two days to figures out kimber is the one that writes jillibeans blogspost with the flower on the i (shame on me...) hope you'll forgive me for that!
Maybe I'm not allowed to, but I do want to mention that I was stunned when the kits from Jillibean came in, Pasta Fagioli was one of my favorites, the fresh bright colors, but also the design of the mini album. And everything so well organised.
Thanks girls for letting me dig through your projects yesterday, I'm not really a cardmaker, but you've inspired me to try again :)

Yesterday I was glas to assist Tracie during two of her classes besides teaching my own. She's a great teacher and I love being her assistent and acting like a stewardess :D. The girls who've joined the class will know what I'm talking about.
We were so happy she did came over although her husband is in such a poor condition. She'll propably be with him again by now and I wish them all the best and fast recovery.

I believe it's absolutely true when I say the Papergirlz are the best girlz on the planet. Jolan an Sam you're such a die hards! Thank you so much for the laughs, the tears, your friendship and the food ;)
Twinnies, without you, where would we be!?!? You really are angels in disguise. Ella, thank you so much for taking over my class yesterday, you did awesome!
Kim you've been such a great sport, your powerpoints are fantastic and you're so sweet. Thanks for the flower and teaching me how to use the I-top. Everybody loved the brads!
Monique I hope you've been able to enjoy the weekend, it must have been hard on you. Thanks a real bunch for your beautiful presents and I'm not sure if I told you, but you looked absolutely stunning!
Peter and Soraya it's truely amazing what you did last weekend! You were there for everyone, working so hard I just can't descripe, whithout a single complaint. I can't thank you enough for helping me out, you two are the greatest and it was a pleasure having you around! Please make sure you'll get some rest now!
Nina, sorry we didn't have the chanche to spend much time together. The store was in good hands with you and Sam and you just do, what needs to be done. Hope you do had the oppertunity to enjoy your vacation!
Loes, I'm so glad you've become a papergirl. I love your sense of humor and you're such a talented scrapper. This weekend you've been teaching your first classes and from what I've heard, you did fantastic. You were a Queen but I doubt if we made you feel like one.... You've helped us in so many ways!
I know Lea and Ingrid you were there as well, I saw you in a glimps, nothing more than that, but thanks for being there!
Last but definitly not least Truike, thank you for organising this event, whithout you there wouldn't even be a Fairytale. It was amazing, every single moment of it, thank you so much!

4 opmerkingen:

Cordine zei

I think you have told everyones minds there Antoinette!
It was a absolutely fantastic weekend!
Thanks to all of you!
Big Hugs

scrappingtwins zei

Hoi Antoinette,
Het was een superevent, heel vermoeiend maar leuk om te doen.
Leuk om te lezen wat je over ons schrijft, de rillingen liepen om onze rug.
Vandaag lekker de hele dag niets doen en slapen en hopelijk morgen de planner afmaken

veel liefs de twins
ps. we leggen een usb stiock met onze foto's in de winkel zodat jullie girls ze thuis op jullie computer kan zetten

Ingrid Danvers zei

Wat een super evenement was het he??? Ik was er helaas maar 1 dag, maar ik heb ontzettend genoten. Volgend jaar wil ik er het hele weekend bij zijn hoor. Het was aanpoten voor iedereen (en een paar in het bijzonder ;-) ), maar zo ontzettend de moeite waard. Jullie hebben een topprestatie neergezet. Ik ben blij dat ik deel mag uitmaken van zo'n TOP team!!!


jolan zei

Ach komt wel goed allemaal schatje! Lol.... Twas zeer gezellig en zeker voor herhaling. Zonder een aantal dames (en heer) was het vast lang niet zo leuk geweest.
XXX Suc6 morgen Jolan