vrijdag 30 mei 2008

I felt like changing the color of my blog today.
Eventhough I love black, I think white is more suiteable for this season and all the things happening right now.

Today our friends Stefhan and Cindy are getting married. I'm going to take some pictures during the ceremony and go home to print them. I made the present allready and I wanted to add some photo's. I made the present twice, since it's going to be published (in August). So I'm not able to share it with you, but I do have a really tiny little sneak... I used the Baby 2 Bride collection from Graphic 45 papers, so perfect for a wedding gift! And yes... that's some Prima tape you spot there....

Yesterday they started digging on our driveway to create a little wall of concrete. When that's done we're getting a new driveway matching the rest of the house, with dark grey and light grey stones. And then all our big projects around the house are finally finished!

And there's another private party tomorrow!! The main act is Gerard Joling! So no doubt that's going to be a lot of fun!

Enjoy your weekend :)

4 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

Hey Just wanted to say Congrats on getting your layout published! Good for you!


Hilde Janbroers zei

ik vind het er spannend uitzien!!!
can't wait!
jij al iets gehoord van G45?

Je@net zei

Sneak ziet er gaaf uit Antoinette!


spannend sneakje hoor! en hoe was het gisteren??? vertel vertel! groetjes marije.