maandag 26 mei 2008

Lots of projects

Thank you all so much for the wonderful and sweet reactions concering the G45 DT.
I'm still very happy and I can't wait to start.
Last weekend I made a very sweet little project with the Baby 2 Bride line. Hope to share it with you soon.
I also made a few layouts and this weeks OLW layout.
I'm very content with the result and I promissed not to publish them without showing them to Truike first. So I need to make another 'less pretty' OLW layout to submit :)
I find it so difficult not to share directly when I finished the project!!!
When I'm happy with the result I like to share it, but I also like my projects to be published... hmmm..

Here's a project I'm not quite happy about because I think it's not special enough, but I just adore the picture......

Ok, well that's it for today. I'm going to play with the brand new kit from De Creatie now, which is really awesome........

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