zondag 11 mei 2008

So cute!!!!!

Fridaynight our dear friend Wilma gave birth to a wonderful little baby boy, his name is Mees, after his granddad. And really he is the cutest boy you've ever seen. So tiny and perfect with a lot of dark hair. Absolutely adorable! I brought my camera, but I was so excited that I forgot to bring my battery... :(
Congrats sweetie, you did a great job! And Wim you supported her outstanding, congrats, you can be so proud of your wife and son!

I do have some other cute pictures of our little niece. Isn't she a doll?!?

You'll be seeing these on a project, that's for sure :D

And you know what else is for sure now?!? I'm getting published!!!!!!! TOOOOOT!!!!!!
I'm so curious which projects they choose and how they'll look in a magazine. Only a few more weeks so keep your eyes open ;).

I'm so happy everythings is going better right now.
Have a happy mother's day!!

3 opmerkingen:


GEFELICITEERD!!! leuke naam Mees! en die foto's van je nichtje...WAUW! een echt fotomodel! JOEHOE!!!! GEFELICITEERD meis...met je publicatie!!! je maakt ook zulke mooie dingen! ben super beneiwud! in welk blad dan? of is dat nog geheim! fijne dag! vond het leuk je gisteren weer gezien te hebben...het was gezellie! groetjes marije.

Natasja zei

She really is a doll!!! Huge congrats on your pub girl!! Be sure to let us know in wish magazine!


~Nancy~ zei

Ooww.. wat een schattige foto's van je nichtje zeg.. awwwww.. Hoop dat het verder gelukt is zaterdag met het poten van de palmbomen! Enne.. gefeliciteerd met je TOOOOTTTT... gaaf zeg! XXX