zaterdag 24 mei 2008

TOOOOT I'm a G45 DT member!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! I've been doing a happy dance for over an hour now!!!!
I'm so happy to become a part of this awesome design team, I just can't stop smiling :D

Guess I was just impatience, but I was so excited about this call.
I love the gorgeous papers of Graphic 45, they are awesome to play with!
Please check out the site:

I'm so proud to be in the same team as SIS Fashionista Jo Anne te Raa, because her 'mindmap' workshop was my first scrap workshop about a year ago! She is such a huge inspiration!
It wasn't untill the release of Graphic 45 that I found out about Hilde Janboers. She published some projects on the G45 site as well and is also a SISter and published in the same magazine as I'm about to be published... (only two more weeks!!). Her projects are amazing.
And have you seen Christie's work on the blog!?! I just love her projects!
Can't wait to get to know the other girls as well!!
Ladies....... congrats!! I'm looking forward to be part of the team.

Is this exciting news on a Saturday morning or what!?!
Yeah!!!!! I guess it's just a matter of time before I can share my projects with you...
Have a nice weekend :D


8 opmerkingen:

maz zei

Hey! Congratulations! What a way to start a Saturday.... off to check that blog now:)

Trish zei

Congrats!!! that's an awesome way to start your weekend!


Hilde Janbroers zei

sweet of you to say such lovely things about me!!! can't wait to see what we are supposed to to work with you!

Jo zei

Congrats antoinette.....will be nice to be on a team together!! x

corinne5 zei

yeah!!! super joh van harte gefeliciteerd meid!


Je@net zei

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, wat super gaaf joh!!!
Gefeliciteerd meis, hartstikke leuk voor je!!

Marcia Hamelijnck zei

Wow!!!! Congratulation on that! G45 is awesome!
And thanks for your kind words about my kit :-)! I'm so glad you like it!

Lynnise zei

WOOHOO, can't wait to get to know you better Congratulations!!