vrijdag 16 mei 2008


If I was suppost to pick a word for the next OLW, it would be patience.
Everthing seems to be about patience at the moment.
I submitted for the G45 DT call and I have to wait till Monday before they announce their new DT. I'm so excited, because I really really really would like to be choosen. It's my first submission, I know I don't need to expect much. But I feel comfortable with the brand and I hope they like my work as much as I love their papers.
Second thing is waiting for the magazine to come out. Pfff.... it seems like ages ago that I made the projects. I'm so curious!!
Third thing is, I started saving seriously for something big, I know this sounds mysterious, but I'm not gonna tell what it is yet. But saving is so hard! Especially when there is so many new scrapstuff. So many workshops I like to join. But I need to be strong and have patience, it's for a real good cause.
I found out you need to have patience when you're on a diet as well. I need to loose about 25 kilo's which is a lot. When I loose 2 kilo's you don't even notice! I really hate it that I gained so much weight after my physical problems. I'm not able to sport (yet, I hope) so I takes extra long. And I love the good life so much.... Well need to be strong and patience about this one as well.

I did found some rest at work right now. I accepted a new job, which is parttime and I hope it will help me gain some more energy for a quicker recovery. But again... I need to be patience about that...

Enjoy your weekend!

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Je@net zei

Ja meis, geduld is een schone zaak!
Wens je in elk geval succes met het DT, zal voor je duimen hoor!! Zou super gaaf zijn en je verdient het meis!
En natuurlijk veel succes met sparen en lijnen!!!
Fijn weekend!